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Aluminium Timber

Aluminium Timber

Eurowood make quality and custom wood grain aluminium building materials here in Australia. 

We have created an aluminium product that has the aesthetic appeal of timber yet is superior in quality and durability.  Timber fades, warps, cracks, splinters, needs annual coats of paint and can be hard to source.  Aluminium is lighter, sturdier, longer lasting, eco-friendly and requires much less maintenance.  Eurowood aluminium products are quick and easy to install… saving you time on assembly translates to saving money on labour costs.  Our range of products includes cladding, battens, shutters, louvres, fences, gates, privacy screens and aluminium slats. 

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Aluminium Timber

Low Maintenance

Aluminium Timber

Save Money And Labour Costs

Aluminium Timber

Easy to work with and Install

Aluminium Timber

FADE, splinter And Termite Proof

Ask the neighbour painting his
fence if he regrets Choosing Timber!

Aluminium Timber

Eurowood Aluminium Officially

Australian Made and Owned!

Eurowood Commercial Slat Fencing

Eurowood Commercial Aluminium fencing needs to be hard wearing and durable because of the volume of traffic and maintenance performed. The quality of Eurowood Aluminium  fencing and finish is designed to withstand commercial use.

Eurowood Residential Aluminium Shutters

Eurowood residential Aluminium Shutters options are extremely popular in the market due to their ease of install. They are low maintenance and Affordable Aluminium shutter systems. Perfect for DIY Fencing options.

Eurowood Aluminium louvres

Eurowood custom Aluminium louvres come in a number of different size slats and framing combinations as well as colours and design. Full timber imaged or powder coated. Can be manufactured and installed onsite for quicker install times. Take a look at our colour range of Aluminium louvres

Eurowood Custom aluminium Slat Fencing

Our custom Aluminium Slat Fencing system can be made to architectural / designer plans and specifications. We are also able to design, make and install Aluminium slat Fencing according to your individual requirements and budget.

Eurowood Aluminium Slats

Euro wood Fully customisable Aluminium Slats cut to size. We have the perfect aluminium driveway gates with horizontal or vertical, louvre or slat options. If you need a timber gate or a metal gate, our variety of gates will have the perfect gate solution. Just take a look at the benefits of wood look, timber look and wood grain gates.

Euro wood Aluminium Fencing for pools

Our range of aluminium fences for pools are the perfect solution for keeping your pool area safe and secure. Contact us for our aluminium fence and aluminium fencing range.

timber look Aluminium Fencing for privacy

Low maintenance powder coated timber look aluminium fencing for privacy that not only look fantastic but will outlast timber many years over. You can choose any standard powdercoat colour or from one of our wood grain finishes. We have a wide variety of slat widths to choose from. When you choose our slat fence and privacy screen systems you will receive a quality product made here in Australia. Request a sample pack today!

The Aluminium Products You Need in your life

Aluminium Timber


Aluminium Timber


Aluminium Timber


Aluminium Timber


Aluminium Timber


Aluminium Timber


Aluminium Timber Systems...
The Secret to innovation

We want you to have best building materials for your projects and homes. When you use Eurowood aluminium you can build fences and projects quicker with less labour. This means less subcontractor logistics, you can thank us later. We are constantly looking at new designs and building material pain points to create awesome products that solve your problems. Not only that, we keep up-to-date with styles and trends, just take a look at our instagram page which features some of the latest innovations.  

Our timber look products get the tick of approval from architects, builders and homeowners. Our Aluminium products include cladding, battens, shutters, louvres, fences, gates, privacy screens and custom aluminium fabrications. We also create custom products to suit your build.

Last but not least our aluminium extrusions are 100% made in Australia with quality Australian resources. We want you to have the best products available. Plus we carry large amounts of aluminium products ready to go which means you get the goods on time!

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Aluminium battens and facades are the greatest trend among properties in this current environment. House should upgrade their timber and move to aluminium louvres, aluminium shutters, aluminium fences, aluminium cladding and aluminium battens. Aluminium fences are the best option when it comes to fences. Timber fences rot. yet aluminium timber fences last longer and look better for longer. aluminium products such as timber aluminium louvres, timber aluminium shutters, aluminium fences, aluminium cladding and aluminium battens are all fire resistant which adds to their structural integrity. If you would like  aluminium louvre prices, aluminium shutter prices,, aluminium fence prices,, aluminium cladding prices, and aluminium batten prices submit a quote on our contact us page.

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We want you to have best building materials for your projects and homes. Our core focus is to provide quality aluminium timber fabrications and building products. This means that our  fabrications eliminate the need for specialised labour and can be assembled in a fraction of the time. Not only does Eurowood aluminium look at the labour saving side we also take into consideration the installation. We focus on products being as user friendly as possible. These labour saving aluminium timber products would be wasted if they were not in line with current architectural trends. Eurowood continually keeps in touch with the market and their customers to ensure the wood look products are high quality design and get the tick of approval from architects, builders and homeowners. We offer Aluminium cladding, battens, shutters, louvres, aluminium fences, privacy screens and custom aluminium fabrications designed for your project. Last but not least our aluminium extrusions are 100% made in Australia with quality Australian resources. Plus we carry large amounts of aluminium wood look products ready to go.