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Eurowood – Innovative Aluminium Coatings

Industry leader in both aluminium systems and coatings

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Our Patented Aluminium Systems

Eurowood Innovative Coatings and its associated Ezi-Ali Systems, have developed a number of  patented systems to improve manufacture and assembly procedures for many of the well known home/architectural products available today.

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Eurowood’s core focus is to provide an array of building finishing products to the market that eliminate the requirement for large amount of specialised labour and can be assembled in a fraction of the time compared to other systems. Not only does Eurowood look at the labour saving side of manufacture, they also take into consideration the installation of their products.

Eurowood focuses on their products being as user friendly as possible for the installer. These labour saving products would be wasted if they were not in line with current architectural trends . Eurowood continually keeps in touch with the market and their customers to ensure the products they release get the tick of approval from architects, builders and homeowners.

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