Eurowood: Building Sustainable Aluminium Solutions

Eurowood was created to provide the building and architectural industry with a sustainable and low maintenance product that replaces wood. In the past 20 years wood as a product has been hard to source. Keeping up with the demands of our ever growing world has wreaked havoc on our environment.

Eurowood Aluminium products are the perfect solution for a wood finish without the cost, labour and impact on the environment. Aluminium wood is also durable, low maintenance and rust proof. We offer a 7 year guarantee. We design quality building products that are built to last.

Our local manufacturers are based in Australia. We keep large supplies of stock in our warehouse… this means quick turn around times. We also offer technical insights on products whenever you need them!

We offer a bespoke custom aluminium service… give us the specs and we will offer a concept to solve your design problem.

Eurowood Aluminium Wood... the smart choice!

Save Time

Our Aluminium Wood Grain extrusions save your project precious time with our PATENTED PUSHLOC SYSTEM.

Save Money

The unique PATENTED PUSHLOC SYSTEM doesn’t require screws or other connecting hardware saving you money!

Save Labour

Eurowood is the perfect DIY aluminium wood grain solution. No screws, No heavy manpower… it’s an easy push and lock system.


As the leading aluminum supplier in Brisbane Most items are stocked in our warehouse and ready to go. lead times vary if you require non stocked items or powder coating.

Eurowood™ Timber Imaged Finish carries a recognised seven (7) year Industry Guarantee accompanied by all of the necessary testing for Salt Spray, Coating Integrity and Colour Integrity that complies with all of the applicable Australian Standards – Reports can be supplied on request.

Powder coating is one of the most durable colour coatings available and with very little effort on your part will provide many years of excellent service.  

Eurowood Timber Look Aluminium does not require restaining, re-coating or resealing. However, to maintain the look of your powder coated wood aluminium a regular wash will keep your investment looking it’s best.

Pricing is comparable to feature hardwood, with long term savings because of its low maintenance.

Aluminium is alloyed with (among other elements) magnesium, silicon, and zinc to increase its strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and UV-shielding properties. It is the future of long lasting buildings.

Aluminium is a low maintenance material with inherent durability. Most architectural aluminium products are additionally pre-treated and coated, allowing them to further endure difficult environments. However, since there is potential for damage when exposed to pollutants and contaminants, periodic cleaning is recommended to preserve the decorative finish almost indefinitely. A simple pressure wash is sufficient for anodised aluminium facades, while a mild detergent solution can be used on powder coated aluminium. 

Sure Can! Request a sample on our contact page and we will send it out!

All our Aluminum is sourced locally in Australia.

Wash with a soft brush and mild pH neutral detergent. Thoroughly rinse with fresh water immediately afterwards. It is recommended that products be tested for suitability on a non-visible section of the powder coated aluminium prior to use.

Strong and abrasive cleaners and solvents such as paint thinners, acidic, alkaline or alcohol-based cleaning products are harmful to powder coated aluminium and must not be used for cleaning purposes.

We have installers all across Australia who can help bring your dream to life. Contact us and we will put you on to the best in the business.

Eurowood’s powder coated Aluminium resists corrosion because of the thin layer of aluminium oxide that naturally forms on its surface when exposed to air.  

Classified as a non-combustible construction material, aluminium is not flammable, but will melt when subjected to temperatures above 600°C. However, this meltdown does not release harmful gases into the air and is in fact, calculated to allow heat and smoke to escape from a burning structure, resulting in less structural damage.


Eurowood Aluminium Officially

Australian Made and Owned!


Eurowood Aluminium Officially

Australian Made and Owned!

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What People Say

Eurowood are a pleasure to deal with. I have used their specifications on multiple projects. The guys there are genius at coming up with innovative ways to use their products for difficult designs. If you have a tricky design and you don't know what fabrication/extrusion to use give them a call... their custom solutions are project saving!
Amanda Lee
I am so glad we went with Eurowood. The quality and finish is perfect on our cladding and I'm stoked that I get a wood look finish on my home without all the maintenance that goes with it. The system was so much cheaper to install and It's nice to know I don't have to worry about rust living so close to the beach.
Adam Cheise