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Batten Channel System

A simple yet effective batten system for floor to ceiling screening and partitions with a clean modern look.  Battens fit into a top and bottom channel at your desired spacing with optional infills. 

NOn Weld System

Our batten channel system enables easy, weld-free installation, saving time and money.

LOw Maintenance

Our Aluminium Battens are low-maintenance, durable, and outlast timber.


Eurowood Batten channel system, is Australian-made and backed by a 15-year warranty, guarantee quality and reliability.


Durable across all climates, eco-friendlier than timber, and ideal for commercial use.

How Do I attach it?

Secure Top and Bottom U Channels to base and ceiling and insert battens/infills vertically.

Non Combustible

Easy To Install

QUality Finish

No Welding

100% Australian Made

Batten CHannel System Components

Ideal for screens and partitions, they ensure an effortless installation and a sleek finish.

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