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BATTEN Rail System

This system is a popular choice for fencing and screening due to its sleek design without visible screws.  The battens are fixed to a top and bottom two part rail system giving a modern floating aesthetic with an option to either Shroud Fit or Face Fit the panels to posts or brickwork.

NOn Weld System

Our batten rail system enables easy, weld-free installation, saving time and money.

LOw Maintenance

Our Aluminium Battens are low-maintenance, durable, and outlast timber.


Eurowood batten rail system is Australian-made and backed by a 15-year warranty, guarantee quality and reliability.


Durable across all climates, eco-friendlier than timber, and ideal for commercial use.

How Do I attach it?

Batten panel sections are attached between or onto post or brick work using your choice of shroud fit or face fit.

Innovative Aluminium Products


Innovative Aluminium Products

Shroud Fit

Non Combustible

Easy To Install

QUality Finish

Matching Caps + Posts

No Welding

100% Australian Made

Batten Rail System Components

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