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Snaploc Two Part Batten System

Our premium  batten system creates a seamless appearance without any visible screws or rails.  The two part system consists of a clip that fixes to wall/ceiling and a batten that snaps into place over the clip providing quality and strength with a clean modern finish.

NOn Weld System

Our SnapLoc Battens enable easy, weld-free installation, saving time and money.


Eurowood SnapLoc Battens, Australian-made and backed by a 15-year warranty, guarantee quality and reliability.

LONG Lengths

Available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6M lengths.


Durable across all climates, eco-friendlier than timber, and ideal for commercial use.

How Do I attach it?

Secure clips (ensure aligned) to wall or structure and snap lock battens in place over clip.
Attach caps to finish off. A clean finish with no visible screws.


Easy To Install

Non Combustible

QUality Finish

Matching Caps + Posts

No Welding

100% Australian Made

Two Part Batten System Components

Our SnapLoc Battens are designed to create a seamless look with concealed fixings. We recommend the two-part system for wall, ceiling, building facades and statement screening applications.

Choose your Clip Length

The SnapLoc Batten clips are available in two sizes. Use the full-length clip when the back of the batten is visible or 200mm clip if attached to a wall and unseen.

Full length


Full length


Full length clip required when the back of the batten is visible.
It Comes in 2M, 3M 4M, 5M, 6M

200 clip

200mm LENGTH

200 clip

200mm Clip

Recommended for use on walls.

Timber Imaged Batten Caps
Batten Cap

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