Aluminium Cladding

In the construction world, aluminium cladding involves covering building materials with an outer ‘layer’ to give practical and aesthetic advantages. A variety of materials can be used for cladding including wood, plastic, stone and imitation stone – however the most popular, ecconomic and easy to use is aluminium. Most metal cladding panels are formed from aluminium or steel and its benefits are becoming an industry standard.
Protection and Strength – One of the most crucial advantages to aluminium timber cladding panels is the added protection to the building. The Aluminium timber cladding panels shields the internal building materials from the harsh elements and increases the mechanical stability of the structure. The cladding protects from changes in temperature, wind, water absorption, sunlight and pollution –all of which can damage the structural integrity of a building and its aesthetics.
Non Combustible – The International Building Code recognises metal building materials as non-combustible. This does not mean metal cladding buildings are exempt from fire regulations but it does recognise the significant advantages of using non-combustible metal panels compared to wood and other materials. Eurowood Aluminium is certified non-combustable.
Low Maintenance – In comparison to wood, stone and painted surfaces metal cladding panels required very little maintenance or repair work. Aluminium wood look cladding is very resistant to harsh weather conditions so can simply be cleaned to retain its good aesthetics.
Lightweight Solution – Aluminium timber  panels can be the lightest of cladding options especially with lightweight aluminium honeycomb cores. This does not increase the dead load of the building and makes them easy to transport and install.
Aesthetics – Even though the primary reasons for using  cladding in a construction are practical, there is also the aesthetic benefits to consider. Metal cladding can dramatically change the overall look of a building, making it more appealing and add value. Metal cladding can come in a wide range of styles and finishes and can create varying styles including a wide range of colour options, sleek stainless steel and rustic metal looks.
Environmentally Friendly – Metal cladding panels can be made of recycled materials, making them environmentally-friendly and reducing the amount of material that goes to landfill. And because they are made from common metals, at the end of their useful life as cladding, they can easily be recycled. As a results this heavily reduces the carbon footprint associated with metal cladding panels.

Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium Cladding

We offer a variety of Innovative timber look aluminium cladding  systems, that can be integrated into any internal & external cladding designs, facades.

The Eziclad system gives designers incredible flexibility to create texture by customising variables such as colour, size, shape and spacing.

Aluminium Cladding

Beautiful Finish

Bring a touch of nature without all the maintenance of timber. Make the finish of your building last a lifetime with low maintenance aluminium cladding.

The rivet and weld free design can transform your space from just a building to a feature

Aluminium Cladding

Seamless Design

Eurowood aluminium cladding have completely concealed fixings—this beautiful system creates stunning linear effects for your walls and ceilings.

All Eurowood cladding comes in either powder coated with a timber look finish or a custom colour.

Aluminium Cladding

Eurowood Aluminium Cladding

Officially Australian Made and Owned!

Commercial Aluminium

Commercial Cladding needs to be hard wearing and durable because of the volume of traffic and maintenance performed. The quality of Eurowoods Cladding and finish is designed to withstand commercial use.

Residential Aluminium

Eurowood residential Aluminium  options are extremely popular in the market due to their ease of install. They are low maintenance and Affordable  Cladding system. Perfect for DIY options.

Aluminium Cladding Options

Our custom cladding comes in a number of different size slats and framing combinations as well as colours and design. Full timber imaged or powder coated. Can be manufactured and installed onsite for quicker install times. Take a look at our colour range.

Custom Cladding

Our  Cladding systems can be made to architectural / designer plans and specifications. We are also able to design, make and install Cladding according to your individual requirements and budget.

Aluminium Slat Gates

Fully customisable Aluminium  cut to size. We have the perfect aluminium driveway gates with horizontal or vertical, louvre or slat options. If you need a timber gate or a metal gate, our variety of gates will have the perfect gate solution. Just take a look at the benefits of wood look, timber look and wood grain gates.

Non Combustible Aluminium

Our range of aluminium are the perfect solution for keeping your pool area safe and secure. Contact us for our cladding range.

Timber Look Aluminium

Low maintenance powder coated cladding that not only look fantastic but will outlast timber many years over. You can choose any standard powdercoat colour or from one of our wood grain finishes. We have a wide variety of slat widths to choose from. When you choose our slat fence and Aluminium cladding systems you will receive a quality product made here in Australia. Request a sample pack today!

Why everyone wants Eurowood Cladding

Aluminium Cladding

Save MOney Save Labour

Aluminium Cladding

Quick to

Aluminium Cladding

No Rivets, Screws or welding

Aluminium Cladding

FADE, splinter, termite & Warp Proof

HOW Fire Resistant IS Aluminium Cladding?

Architects, builders and homeowners want to create safe buildings that are fire resistant and non-combustible. Eurowood proud themselves on providing the best quality non-combustible aluminium cladding in Australia.


Under extreme conditions a fire can give off flames of 50 meters or more and flame temperatures can exceed 1200°C. Aluminium is not flammable making it classified as a non-combustible construction material. This means it doesn’t ‘add fuel to the fire’. This being the case it can help prevent the spreading of fires and keep your family safe.


Timber cladding is flammable whereas Eurowood provide non-combustible cladding that is fire resistant. That’s because Aluminium is alloyed with magnesium, silicone, and zinc to increase its strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and UV-shielding properties. It is the future of long-lasting buildings.

It is important, however, to be aware that not all aluminium products are of the same safe standard. For example, on its own Aluminium is non-combustible. But if it is combined with other flammable products to make up the end building material, it could result in a fire hazard. 

We offer various non-combustible cladding solutions in a range of designs to assist with your fire compliance.

Aluminium Cladding

Eurowood Cladding Styles

Commercial Cladding

Commercial Cladding and Battens need to be hard wearing and durable because of the volume of traffic and maintenance performed. The quality of Eurowoods Aluminium cladding and finish is designed to withstand commercial use and lasts longer than traditional timber battens and Cladding

Residential Cladding

Commercial Cladding and Battens need to be hard wearing and durable because of the volume of traffic and maintenance performed. The quality of Eurowoods Aluminium cladding and finish is designed to withstand commercial use and lasts longer than traditional timber battens and Cladding

Internal Applications

Eurowood internal applications are a perfect for interior fit-out. Our range of interior aluminium battens and cladding are the perfect fully customisable. Our sales team would be happy to show you how our cladding systems can be custom fit or tailored for something specific. 


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Aluminium Cladding FAQ

Aluminium Cladding is either a timber or aluminium fabrication used for building exteriors and interiors. Aluminium is a preferred material for building cladding for cost saving, functional and aesthetical reasons. The cladding comes in a range of cladding panels that can be custom made to fit any building design.

Eurowood Aluminium Cladding comes with a powder-coated finish. This creates a protective layer on the underlying material that protects it against the environment. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is durable, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable.  

Eurowood Aluminium Wood Cladding is more durable than timber. Our Aluminium is resistant to moisture and saltwater, it is impervious to termites and other insects, and it handles harsh weather conditions unlike regular timber. Aluminium Wood Cladding can be used to create feature walls and ceilings in both interior and exterior applications and last longer than timber.

Eurowood Eziclad can be easily installed using it’s unique PUSHLOC system and takes less time than regular wood cladding.

The Aluminium itself is powder coated or anodised in order to protect it.  Aluminium Cladding is available as boards or panels that are affixed to the exterior of the house in order to improve its aesthetics and also to protect it from the elements 

It’s low maintenance, all you need to do is give it a clean with a mild detergent and water once or twice a year. Our click on Cladding systems come with their own flashings and corners.

We work towards a 14-day lead time. Most items are stocked in Brisbane, and so can be quicker. Lead times can vary if you require non stocked items, powder coating or are placing an order during busy periods.

We do our best to get you our products as quickly as possible!

Aluminium Cladding Panels are not as expensive than timber due to sourcing and cost of labour, materials and manufacturing. Plus Aluminium panels are less likely to degrade than timber, and therefore are a cost-effective solution instead of timber or to replace timber.

Eurowood™ Timber Imaged Finish carries a recognised seven (7) year Industry Guarantee accompanied by all of the necessary testing for Salt Spray, Coating Integrity and Colour Integrity that complies with all of the applicable Australian Standards – Reports can be supplied on request.

Eurowood stock and sell all cladding panels from Brisbane, Queensland. We are a local Aluminium supplier and manufacturer. Simply contact us to quote your project.

There are different ways to order Eurowood depending on your needs.

  1. Drop us an email at [email protected] or complete a quote request form below.
  2. If you are a builder or supplier, call our team to discuss your project on 1800 888 765. We can have your questions answered directly.

All our Aluminum for our timber look cladding is sourced locally in Australia.

It is resistant to moisture and saltwater, it is impervious to termites and other insects, and it handles harsh weather conditions very well. Our Timber Aluminium cladding is also waterproof.

Classified as a non-combustible construction material, aluminium is not flammable, but will melt when subjected to temperatures above 600°C. However, this meltdown does not release harmful gases into the air and is in fact, calculated to allow heat and smoke to escape from a burning structure, resulting in less structural damage.

Colour-matched and plain black end caps are available for most batten sizes.

We supply varying sizes and designs of cladding blades in 90, 130 and 150mm.

Wash with a soft brush and mild pH neutral detergent. Thoroughly rinse with fresh water immediately afterwards. It is recommended that products be tested for suitability on a non-visible section of the powder coated aluminium prior to use.

Strong and abrasive cleaners and solvents such as paint thinners, acidic, alkaline or alcohol-based cleaning products are harmful to powder coated aluminium and must not be used for cleaning purposes.

Eurowood’s powder coated Aluminium resists corrosion because of the thin layer of aluminium oxide that naturally forms on its surface when exposed to air.  

Yes, just use an aluminium drop saw and a tape measure.

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