Aluminium Privacy Screens

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Slat Screening

Our Aluminium Slat Screens are the ulitmate privacy screens. They maximise the ability to capture even the faintest breeze, give you privacy and let in light

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Batten Screening

Let our team guide you through the batten Screens. This Aluminium Privacy Screen System can be used for both a decorative and practical use. Enhance your building and increase privacy.

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Vertical Slat Screening

Our vertical slat screens offer privacy for both residential and commercial buildings and are designed for a quick and easy installation.

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Three easy steps

1. Choose Your privacy screen Style

Eurowood Aluminium privacy screens are an architectural  system that enhances the look and feel of your project. Eurowood Aluminium privacy screens are ideal for any new buildings or renovations and are also suitable for residential and commercial in both indoor & outdoor. The blades do not warp, crack, or splinter, Non-weld assembly for easy installation, Low maintenance Timber look fixed privacy screens. Super strength powder coated Aluminium Timber privacy screens made in Australia, for Australian conditions. Plus our Aluminium privacy screen systems are fitted with completely concealed fixings. No unsightly rivets, screws, nails, or welding. 

Our fixed Elyptical privacy screen System can be set at a predetermined angle dependent on the application. They are designed to not only offer customised solar heat and natural light control but also deliver privacy and weather protection.

2. Choose Your Spacing

The spacing is the gap between each of the battens or blades. 9mm spacing provides extra privacy where required. The 20mm spacing allows for better air flow and ventilation. The 50mm is usually used decoratively but still provides a screen.


20 mm

50 mm

3. Choose Your Timber Colour

Download Our Privacy Screens Guide

We have created a two page flyer with info to help with your choice.

Why everyone wants Eurowoods privacy screens

Architecturally designed Eurowood Aluminium enhance a building’s environment by creating shade, privacy and the perfect temperature. Eurowood Aluminium privacy screens allow the control of direct sunlight to increase or decrease solar heat gain. Our Eurowood aerofoil blade is designed to maximise airflow and capture light! It’s Super strength powder coated aluminium is made for Australian conditions. Our PATENTED PUSHLOC frame holds fixed privacy screens blades without rivets, unsightly screws, nails or welding. The Blades do not warp, crack, or splinter for super Low maintenance building fabrications.

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Rust Proof

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Save Money And Labour Costs

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Easy to work with and Install

Aluminium Privacy Screens

FADE, splinter And Termite Proof

Timber Aluminium privacy screens FAQ

Can Eurowood privacy screens be custom designed?

We can accommodate any project that needs custom-designed privacy screens. We have designed hundreds of custom-designed privacy screens to capture specific light, hide bin areas but still allow airflow and capture direct airflow to maintain building safety. 

The custom-design process begins by discussing the project in order to fully understand the desired result. A design sketch is completed and signed off, the privacy screens are then created and supplied to for your installation. There are limitless designs when it comes to custom privacy screens, the Eurowood team are here to help with your project!

Can privacy screens be custom finished in any colour?

Eurowood provide over 40 different custom finished colours, with our large range of finishes your privacy screens can be customised to match your project. From matte colours to powder-coated our privacy screens also come in various wood grains to give your project its own unique look.

What are your privacy screens made from?

Our privacy screens are made from aluminium, this allows our products to be flexible and Durable

Aluminium is an adaptable material making it work well for shaping privacy screens to different sizes. When in the manufacturing stage aluminium makes it easier to mould it to the desired size and shape.

Aluminium is one of the most durable materials making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Aluminium is fire resistant and non-combustible, as well as being rust-free making them perfect for coastal properties. Our aluminium privacy screens make houses look good!

Can I attach privacy screens to an older property?

When adding our fixed privacy screens to older properties, there needs to be the correct structure.  If the correct structure is not in place then adding a privacy screens may need to be reconsidered. Wind loadings play a major role in adding privacy screens to an older property, it is suggested to consult with a builder to ensure that the pre-existing structure can handle additional wind loads the privacy screens may add.

If you are wanting to add privacy screens to an older property, contact us today to discuss what you need including any plans or photos. It’s important for the pre-existing wall to be strong and stable enough to add any new addition. Get in contact with the Eurowood team to help assess your project.


Who installs your privacy screens products?

Eurowood based in Brisbane but shipping Australian wide means that anyone can install our privacy screens. The aluminium privacy screens have a simple pushloc installation system ensuring that your builder can easily fit it to your project  saving labour time and money.


How much does a privacy screens system cost?

Eurowoods privacy screens system pricing varies and depends on what your project requires. To get approximate pricing for your project contact the Eurowood team with information and what your projects may require for a free quote.

Commercial or Residential Privacy Screens

Our Commercial Aluminium privacy screens include fixed privacy screens, manually operated privacy screens, folding privacy screens,  they facilitate the control of direct sunlight and enhance the buildings environment by creating shade, privacy and the perfect temperature but also significantly improve the energy efficiency. Perfect for high traffic sustainable buildings.

Eurowood residential Aluminium privacy screens  are extremely popular in the market due to their ease of install. They are a low maintenance and Affordable Aluminium fixed privacy screens system. Perfect for DIY privacy screens.

Our custom aluminium privacy screens come in a variety of different sizes and framing combinations as well as colours and designs. Comes full timber imaged or powder coated. Choose from vertical, horizontal or elliptical aluminium privacy screens.

Our custom aluminium privacy screen systems can be made to architectural plans and specifications. We are also able to design and make Aluminium privacy screens according to your individual preferences and cost requirements or any other design requirements you may have.

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