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Eurowood Hamptons style fencing offers the ultimate in architectural style to
enhance your home. It is an innovative, easy-to-install aluminium system that
provides superior quality and strength.


Our range of Hamptons Fence Panels comes in classic white, modern black and in any of our timber and colour range as well as in our custom timber range

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The Hamptons Style is taken of course from the architectural style commonly found in wealthy holiday homes in the affluent Hamptons area outside New York and features vertical white slats.

Semi Privacy

Eurowood offer a semi-privacy Hamptons style system with standard 20mm spacing.

Click Here For Full Privacy Fence Options

Two Rail Options

Eurowood Hamptons comes with the choice of two different rail styles

Quality Aluminium

Eurowood is Australian-owned and made. Large range of high-quality timber finishes and powder-coated colours available.

Hamptons Fence System

Design Flexibility

Cut to size to suit your project. Maximum Span 2400MM

Non Weld Assembly

Our Hamptons range is designed to be  easy to assemble.


The patented PUSHLOC frame eliminates the need for unnecessary fixings.

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  • Hamptons Style Motorised Driveway Gates
  • Hamptons Style Balustrade
  • Hamptons Style Pedestrian Gates
  • Hamptons Style Fencing
  • Hamptons Style Window Hoods
  • Hamptons Style Privacy Screens

hampton style fence panels
hamptons style front fence
hampton style timber fence
hampton style white picket fence
hamptons style aluminium fence
hamptons style fence brisbane
hamptons style fence gold coast

  • Hamptons Style Motorised Driveway Gates
  • Hamptons Style Balustrade
  • Hamptons Style Pedestrian Gates
  • Hamptons Style Fencing
  • Hamptons Style Window Hoods
  • Hamptons Style Privacy Screens

hamptons style fence perth
hamptons style fences melbourne
hamptons style fences sydney
hamptons house fence
hamptons style picket fence
hamptons style pool fence
hamptons style white fence


Want to know how much a Hamptons fence costs? Fill in the form to receive a cost estimate of your project, if we need more info, we’ll be in touch! 



While the classic white slat fence has been around for a while, The Hamptons style has a new modern twist and we are loving it. Introducing The New Hamptons style… The Hamptons in black! We have been pumping out orders of the classic Hamptons look with a matt black finish. Take a look at our Instagram page for the New Hamptons Matt Black Style Trend! We use the popular Monument colour in Textured coating to ensure an even clean and long lasting black finish.

If you love the Hamptons style, contact us. We can give you the perfect fence that will compliment your home and look as good as the day you built it!

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We have created an aluminium product that has the aesthetic appeal of timber yet is superior in quality and durability.  Timber fades, warps, cracks, splinters, needs annual coats of paint and can be hard to source.  Aluminium is lighter, sturdier, longer lasting, eco-friendly and requires much less maintenance.  Eurowood aluminium products are quick and easy to install… saving you time on assembly this translates to saving money on labour costs. 


No Rot, No Rust, No Restaining


Heavy performance


Strong and durable aluminium


Save on Labour


The Eurowood Hamptons Fence is perfect for anyone who wants a great fence without the hassle of maintaining it. This easy to put together fencing system is perfect for anyone who wants a classic exterior without the labor.

Modernise your project with this easy to assemble and seamless design.


Hamptons Gates are the perfect, professionally-manufactured, picket fence for the homeowner who wants to have a classic country-style driveway.  These gates require no maintenance and instantly add charm. Hamptons Gates are seamless and effortlessly styled, with a timeless design that will fit in in any modern or rural style house. 


The Eurowood aluminium hamptons fencing system is easy to assemble.  This eliminates the need for unnecessary and unsightly fixings. It also gives a high-quality finish for a clean modern look.

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How Much Is The Hamptons Style Fence?

We have standard sizes and custom options. Fill in the form and one of our team will be contact with an estimate of your Hamptons Fence, if we need more info, we’ll be in touch! 

The Hamptons Style Trend

A Fence That lookS as good
as the day It's Built!

We have such a varied landscape here in Australia. Outback bushland, hinterland and an incredible amount of coastline. In each of these landscapes we are seeing beautiful examples of homes fashioned in the Hamptons style.

The Hamptons look is obviously rooted in American history taking is style from that commonly featured in the affluent holiday homes of the Hamptons area outside New York. But Australians are taking this new trend to our laidback culture and giving it our own slant. We have long had weatherboard homes in all settings, with the striking linear looks now being finished with crisp contrasting trims for the light and breezy hallmark Hamptons atmosphere. These finishes blend seamlessly into our Australian landscape.

There are so many beautiful ways to finish off your Hamptons style internally. Remember though that first impressions lie with the exterior. Like approaching a beautiful woman in a stunning dress with just the right pieces of jewellery, your stylish home should grab attention at the first glance.

The Hamptons FencE That doesn't Age

Windows, doors and verandas are like the accessories that finish off the outfit. Added to that, the Hamptons style has its own fencing look. This fencing style compliments the Australian dream to own your own home with a white hamptons picket fence. Although it doesn’t have to be white, as we will talk more about.

With this style of home often featuring the weatherboards horizontal lines, the vertical slats of a hamptons picket fence start the conversation of contrast. But even if your home is not weatherboard look, the colour choice in your design can still make the fence pop in line with Hamptons style.

Does The Hamptons Style Suit Australia?

In Australia many areas prone to bushfires, so selecting building materials that are fire-resistant while maintaining the signature coastal style can be a challenge. Eurowood’s product of aluminium fencing that is coated to resemble the classic painted wooden picket fence means that it is fire resistant unlike its predecessor timber. Other advantages of this product are that it is low maintenance, incredibly durable and rustproof. Perfect for facing the sun, rain, wind and salt of Australia’s harsh climate. They also provide a bespoke service that allows you to choose the right height, colour and design for your Hamptons style fence.

In Australia we have a real appreciation for design and we aren’t afraid of taking inspiration from others and putting our own twist on it. In fact, the Hamptons style is actually a twist on the French Provincial style. So, whether you are building a new home or freshening up an existing one, don’t be afraid to take the style on with your own touch starting with the first feature that demands attention, your fence!

WHich Colour Should I Choose?

For some time now, greys have been the trend. But people are tending to move away from that look now that the landscape has been saturated in grey. Careful consideration should be given to your colour scheme. Again, first impressions! Think about your landscape and surroundings, neighbouring homes. Be inspired by them and ask yourself do you want your place to blend in or stand out?

There is a move to more cream and tea shades. Pastels and neutrals also work well. Once you have chosen the colour for your exterior, it is important to finish the trims and your fence in a contrasting colour. Most commonly this is done with a crisp white. Without the contrasting trim the effect is lost leaving the house looking one dimensional.

A further move, should you be feeling bold, is the monochrome colour scheme. A monochromatic scheme provides the definite tonal variation necessary for the Hamptons style with a sophisticated and timeless touch. You would start with just one colour and tint with white and shade with black. Perhaps a light base colour but with a feature front door and fence in black. A dark roof also captures the Hamptons vibe.

HoW To Choose?

Whether you choose the crisp white or the bold black fence for your boundaries charm, there are a couple of other factors to think about. For example, is your fence purely for design where the vertical slats could be combined with more intricate decorative sections within the fence or gate? Or are there safety factors to consider in which case a vertical slat fence could be designed taller with a strong gate?

What People Say

Eurowood are a pleasure to deal with. I have used their specifications on multiple projects. The guys there are genius at coming up with innovative ways to use their products for difficult designs. If you have a tricky design and you don't know what fabrication/extrusion to use give them a call... their custom solutions are project saving!
Amanda Lee
I am so glad we went with Eurowood. The quality and finish is perfect on our cladding and I'm stoked that I get a wood look finish on my home without all the maintenance that goes with it. The system was so much cheaper to install and It's nice to know I don't have to worry about rust living so close to the beach.
Adam Cheise

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As the leading aluminum supplier in Australia. Most items are stocked in our Brisbane warehouse and ready to go. lead times vary if you require non-stocked items or specialised powder coating.

Eurowood™ Timber Imaged Finish carries a recognised seven (7) year Industry Guarantee accompanied by all of the necessary testing for Salt Spray, Coating Integrity and Colour Integrity that complies with all of the applicable Australian Standards – Reports can be supplied on request.

Powder coating is one of the most durable colour coatings available and with very little effort on your part will provide many years of excellent service.  

Eurowood Timber Look Aluminium does not require restaining, re-coating or resealing. However, to maintain the look of your powder coated wood aluminium a regular wash will keep your investment looking it’s best.

Pricing is comparable to feature hardwood, with long term savings because of its low maintenance.

Aluminium is alloyed with (among other elements) magnesium, silicon, and zinc to increase its strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and UV-shielding properties. It is the future of long lasting buildings.

Aluminium is a low maintenance material with inherent durability. Most architectural aluminium products are additionally pre-treated and coated, allowing them to further endure difficult environments. However, since there is potential for damage when exposed to pollutants and contaminants, periodic cleaning is recommended to preserve the decorative finish almost indefinitely. A simple pressure wash is sufficient for anodised aluminium facades, while a mild detergent solution can be used on powder coated aluminium. 

Sure Can! Request a sample on our contact page and we will send it out!

For some Hamptons Style inspiration check out this pinterest page

All our Aluminum is sourced locally in Australia.


Wash with a soft brush and mild pH neutral detergent. Thoroughly rinse with fresh water immediately afterwards. It is recommended that products be tested for suitability on a non-visible section of the powder coated aluminium prior to use.

Strong and abrasive cleaners and solvents such as paint thinners, acidic, alkaline or alcohol-based cleaning products are harmful to powder coated aluminium and must not be used for cleaning purposes.

We have installers all across Australia who can help bring your dream to life. Contact us and we will put you on to the best in the business.

Eurowood’s powder coated Aluminium resists corrosion because of the thin layer of aluminium oxide that naturally forms on its surface when exposed to air.  

Classified as a non-combustible construction material, aluminium is not flammable, but will melt when subjected to temperatures above 600°C. However, this meltdown does not release harmful gases into the air and is in fact, calculated to allow heat and smoke to escape from a burning structure, resulting in less structural damage.