Aluminium Custom Fabrications

Custom Aluminium Fabrications

Custom Aluminium Fabrications

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The innovative Eurowood system gives designers incredible flexibility to create texture by customising variables such as colour, size, shape and spacing.

We offer a variety of Innovative timber and powder-coated aluminum cladding, battens, slats and fence systems, that can be integrated into any internal & external cladding designs, facades.

Custom Aluminium Fabrications

Our Technical Engineers Ensure a Structurally Strong Design

Eurowood aluminium cladding has been created to withstand heavy duty and commercial buildings. Both internal and externally. Our aluminium fabrications have a unique design that means they are stronger and more durable.

Custom Aluminium Fabrications

Seamless Finish No Visible Screws or Rivetts.

Whatever look you are going for in your design our custom aluminium fabrications can be designed to your brief. We have produced many custom fabrications all over Australia.

If you would like to discuss your project, please give us a call.

Commercial Aluminium Cladding

Commercial Aluminium Cladding needs to be hard wearing and durable because of the volume of traffic and maintenance performed. The quality of Eurowoods Aluminium Cladding and finish is designed to withstand commercial use.

Residential Aluminium Cladding

Eurowood residential Aluminium Cladding options are extremely popular in the market due to their ease of install. They are low maintenance and Affordable Aluminium Cladding system. Perfect for DIY options.

Aluminium Cladding Options

Our custom Aluminium cladding comes in a number of different size slats and framing combinations as well as colours and design. Full timber imaged or powder coated. Can be manufactured and installed onsite for quicker install times. Take a look at our colour range.

Custom Aluminium Cladding

Our Aluminium Cladding systems can be made to architectural / designer plans and specifications. We are also able to design, make and install Aluminium Cladding according to your individual requirements and budget.

Aluminium Slat Gates

Fully customisable Aluminium Cladding cut to size. We have the perfect aluminium driveway gates with horizontal or vertical, louvre or slat options. If you need a timber gate or a metal gate, our variety of gates will have the perfect gate solution. Just take a look at the benefits of wood look, timber look and wood grain gates.

Non Combustible Aluminium Cladding

Our range of aluminium cladding are the perfect solution for keeping your pool area safe and secure. Contact us for our aluminium cladding range.

Timber Look Aluminium Cladding

Low maintenance powder coated aluminium cladding that not only look fantastic but will outlast timber many years over. You can choose any standard powdercoat colour or from one of our wood grain finishes. We have a wide variety of slat widths to choose from. When you choose our slat fence and Aluminium cladding systems you will receive a quality product made here in Australia. Request a sample pack today!

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Better Than Wood... Aluminium cladding

Eurowood timber look aluminium Cladding is an architectural cladding system that enhances the look and feel of any outdoor façade and internal linings. Eurowood Eziclad aluminium cladding are ideal for any new buildings or renovations and are also suitable for residential and commercial in both indoor & outdoor.

Blades do not warp, crack, or splinter 
Non-weld assembly for easy installation 
Low maintenance timber look cladding 
Super strength powder coated aluminium cladding.
Powder coated and finished in Australia, for Australian conditions.

     Our cladding and aluminium cladding systems are fitted with completely concealed fixings. No unsightly rivets, screws, nails or welding.


Aluminium Cladding Options

Commercial Aluminium Cladding and Battens need to be hard wearing and durable because of the volume of traffic and maintenance performed. The quality of Eurowoods Aluminium cladding and finish is designed to withstand commercial use and lasts longer than traditional timber cladding and battens.

Eurowood residential cladding and battens are extremely popular in the market due to their ease of install. They are low maintenance and Affordable  with a modular design and look that will stand the test of time.

Eurowood internal applications are the perfect interior fit-out option. Our range of interior aluminium battens and cladding are the perfect finish for your next project. Our sales team would be happy to show you how our cladding and batten systems can be custom fit or tailored for something specific. Contact us to find out how our team can help you with our bespoke design service.

Our aluminium cladding and batten systems are perfect for external use. The extrusions are made from 100% pure Australian aluminium and lasts longer with less maintenance than traditional timber wood battens or timber cladding. Contact us today if you would like a custom batten or aluminium cladding product.