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10 Aluminium Gate Designs

Our aluminium gate range is lightweight and easy-to-install, a quality Australian made product. See how easy they are to put together.

How to choose a gate design

When it comes to choosing a gate for your home, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. The first is what type of gate you need. There are three main types of gates: louvre, batten and slat. The type of gate you choose will depend on the style of your home and your personal preferences. The second thing you need to consider is the size of the gate. The size of the gate will need to be big enough to allow people and animals to pass through easily. Finally, you need to choose a style that you like. There are a lot of different gate styles to choose from, so take your time and pick one that you think will look great at your home.

The Pros + Cons of The Aluminum Gate

Steel Gates

timber Gates

Aluminium Gates

About The Eurowood Gate

Eurowood offers a versatile range of gates.

The timber or powder-coated finish allows for a smooth, contemporary profile that creates a low-maintenance yet effective facade option for both external and internal projects.

Designers and professionals alike can rest assured knowing that all Eurowood products are made from solid aluminium and certified as a non-combustible material. 

Our  gate range is lightweight and an easy-to-install premium quality product.

How to Install Eurowood Gates


Gap, no gap, privacy or feature… there is an Aluminium Slat Gate for you. Eurowood slat gates are an innovative, easy-to-install, aluminium system that offers the latest in architectural style. It’s tough, long lasting, low maintenance and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications. They are aluminium gates that look like wood.

Eurowood Aluminium Slat Gate


Our Aluminium gates give your home incredible flexibility to create privacy. Our timber and powder-coated aluminium fences can by customised by variables such as colour, size, shape and spacing.

We offer a variety of Innovative weld-free timber Gate systems, that can be integrated into any fence design. 

Eurowood Aluminium Privacy Sliding Gate Melbourne


Bring a touch of nature without all the maintenance of timber Gates and make the finish of your property last a lifetime!

The weld-free system is easy to install. Customise your project from just a building to a feature in just a few easy steps.


The Eurowood aluminium gate system is easy to assemble. This eliminates the need for unnecessary and unsightly fixings. It also gives a high-quality finish for a clean modern look.

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Our horizontal or vertical aluminium gates come in a number of framing combinations as well as colours and design. Full timber imaged or powder coated they can be assembled and installed onsite saving you time and money.

Eurowood Aluminium timber look gates are so easy to install and that’s why we call them Ezi Gates. They are an architectural system that enhances the look and feel of any outdoor façade. Eurowood Aluminium Timber Gates are ideal for any new buildings or renovations and are also suitable for residential and commercial. The Aluminium does not warp, crack, or splinter, Non-weld assembly for easy installation, Low maintenance Timber look Gates, Super strength powder coated Aluminium or timber imaged in Australia, for Australian conditionsThe Aluminium Gate systems are available with timber imaged fixings. Take a look at our colour range today to get your perfect timber matched gate.

As a aluminium manufacturer we have a variety of gate styles to suit your project. Along with privacy screen gates, we offer aluminium slat gates, timber gate slats, aluminium gates, commercial aluminium gate fencing, hamptons gates, residential aluminium slat gates, louvre gates and vertical blade slat gates.

Easy To Install


Eurowood Gates are made and manufactured in Australia by Australians to ensure the quality and for supply availability!


Eurowood Aluminium is tested under extreme heat conditions to ensure it won’t add fuel to any fire

Innovative Aluminium Products


Built to last in all environmental and climate conditions and it’s better for our environment than timber


Our Aluminium Timber is designed to be strong and great for commercial applications.



Our Ezi timber gate systems come in the following different styles.

  • Horizontal Slat Gate
  • Vertical Slat Gate
  • Fixed Louvre Gate
  • Batten Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Hamptons Style Gate

Choose your style and select it in the form below.



Aluminium Timber Gate
Vertical or Horizontal available


alumninium sliding gate


Aluminium Gate Designs


Batten Gate
Available in varied batten sizes and spacings (please refer to our batten product page for more information and a quote)


The Eurowood aluminium system is easy to assemble. The high-quality finish creates a clean modern look.




View more of our powder coated colours here>

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australian made plantation shutters


We are based in Lytton, 4178 (near the Brisbane Airport) in Queensland and service all of Australia.


We are no-nonsense, get the job done kind of people. Just a bunch of hardworking Aussies, supplying trades strong aluminium fabrications for their projects.


We are local manufacturers supplying Australia with the latest in architectural innovations, style, and design to the Australian building industry. Born and bred in Queensland, Eurowood is passionate about sustainable building products.

GIve our Brisbane Based Warehouse A call!




Commercial Slat Fencing

Commercial slat fencing needs to be hard wearing and durable because of the volume of traffic and maintenance performed. The quality of Eurowoods Aluminium slat fencing and finish is designed to withstand commercial use.

Residential Aluminium Slat Fence

Eurowood residential Aluminium Fencing options are extremely popular in the market due to their ease of install. They are low maintenance and Affordable Aluminium Slat Fencing system. Perfect for DIY Fencing options.

Aluminium Slat Fencing Frame Options

Our custom Aluminium slat fencing comes in a number of different size slats and framing combinations as well as colours and design. Full timber imaged or powder coated. Can be manufactured and installed onsite for quicker install times. Take a look at our colour range.

Custom Slat Fencing

Our Aluminium Slat Fence systems can be made to architectural / designer plans and specifications. We are also able to design, make and install Aluminium Fencing according to your individual requirements and budget.

Aluminium Slat Gates

Fully customisable Aluminium Gates cut to size. We have the perfect aluminium driveway gates with horizontal or vertical, louvre or slat options. If you need a timber gate or a metal gate, our variety of gates will have the perfect gate solution. Just take a look at the benefits of wood look, timber look and wood grain gates.

Aluminium Pool Fence

Our range of aluminium pool fences are the perfect solution for keeping your pool area safe and secure. Contact us for our aluminium pool fence range.

Aluminium Privacy Screens

Low maintenance powder coated aluminium privacy screens that not only look fantastic but will outlast timber many years over. You can choose any standard powdercoat colour or from one of our wood grain finishes. We have a wide variety of slat widths to choose from. When you choose our slat fence and privacy screen systems you will receive a quality product made here in Australia. Request a sample pack today!

Aluminium Gates

The Eurowood Ezi Gate Aluminium Gate system is easy to assemble. We use pre-machined frames at various spacings which incorporate our PATENTED PUSHLOC SYSTEM. This eliminates the need for unnecessary and unsightly fixings including screws. It also gives a high-quality finish unlike other systems as there is no snap infill pieces or gaps.

  • PATENTED PUSHLOC frame holds slats without rivets, unsightly screws, nails or welding 
  • Timber look powder coated Aluminium finished in Australia, for Australian conditions 
  • Super strength powder coated aluminium gates
  • Non-weld aluminium slats for easy installation 
  • Blades do not warp, crack, or splinter 
  • Low maintenance aluminium gates

Among the elements that make up traditional facades such as windows, blinds, awnings, shutters and slats the gate is the element that allows people and objects to pass from outside to inside. To fulfill this function, it must have, among others, the following characteristics such as safety, hardness, tightness, durability, aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Thanks to its excellent properties, aluminum is the best material for this job.

Aluminum gates, or aluminum slat gates, are characterised by their resistance, an essential property for maintaining security in homes, since thieves often give up when faced with a material of great strength.

Durability, together with finishes such as lacquered or anodized, allows aluminum gates to be unaffected by external agents such as rain, wind or temperature changes, which provides great natural capacity resistance to degradation caused by weathering corrosion.

Aluminum gates are super easy to install and are fully customizable. Perfect for privacy and function. Eurowood louvred gates are an innovative and easy-to-install aluminum system that provides the ultimate in architectural style. Aluminum slat fences and gates are strong, durable, very low maintenance and can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. These gates are aluminum but look like timber so you don’t have to compromise on your style.

At Eurowood we stock many powder coated aluminum doors with a timber look in stock. This means we can get finished aluminum doors quickly and easily, so our patented, easy-to-use push and lock system also saves you time, labor, and overhead costs all round.

The patented seamless push system is really quite easy. Just choose the blade spacing and door height. With a wide variety of contemporary colors available to you, you will find the powder coated aluminum door solution with a wood look.


At Eurowood we provide the highest quality products on the market, and as visionaries of aluminum manufacturers, we create leading edge:

  • Privacy screen gates
  • Aluminium slat gates
  • Wooden gates
  • Aluminium gates
  • Commercial Aluminum gates
  • Residential aluminum gates
  • Aluminium slat gates
  • Louvre gates
  • Timber gates
  • Vertical slat gates
  • Custom aluminum slat gates
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