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Our complete range of high-quality timber imaged Aluminium products can be supplied cut to size or standard lengths. Each product is reliable, premium quality and is low maintenance.

Eurowood is a non-combustible aluminium product. This means no fuel for fires. Fires will simply not consume this product, unlike timber or other combustible products which add fuel to the fire. Fire resistant aluminium reduces your damage risk.

Australian Owned
Eurowood is entirely owned, operated and made in Australia. This means that our fabrications are certified to the regulations set by the Australian building standard. Our aluminium resistant fabrications are available Australia wide.

Australian Standards
According to the Australian Standard AS 3959: Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas it is necessary to reduce the risk of combustion from stray embers or burning debris, and to reduce the damage from direct flame as much as possible. We are certified to provide building materials that meet these expectations.

Eurowood fire resistant products are non toxic. This means that in the event of a fire no harmful gasses or toxins are released into the atmosphere. This is better for our environment and wellbeing and therefore is sustainable.

Regulates Temperatures
Eurowood Aluminium products are designed to regulate the temperature of your buildings. This means that it provides additional insulation. It is designed to soak up the suns rays protecting it in summer from heat and providing warm insulation in winter.

Families First
When building homes family safety should be the priority. When you build with Eurowood Aluminium products you are giving homes the added safety. Not only that the low maintenance aspects of aluminium mean you will have more time to spend with your family.


No Rot, No Rust, No Restaining


Heavy performance


Save on Labour

Benefits Of Aluminium Timber


Rust Proof


Save Money And Labour Costs


Easy to work with and Install


FADE, splinter And Termite Proof

Eurowood Aluminium Doesn't Rot!

Great Looking Fabrications: 100% Australian Made

Aluminium Timber Colour Guide

What Colour Is Monument?

Monument colour is a part of our latest Matt colour ranges. This is the colour that has been inspired by the deep tones of the Australian landscapes.

Choosing this colour will create a deep and vivid backdrop to your home. Greenery and bright coloured outdoor furniture will pop up against these dark coloured backgrounds.

We have a wide range of colours and shades to create whatever look you are inspired by. We have two main categories powder coated and timber look. Both ranges have the same Australian made quality. We have chosen colour names  that are inspired by particular Australian landscapes. 

Monument colour is a dark shade of grey. Other shades of grey include: Ironstone, Basalt, Wallaby, Windspray, Woodland Grey, but also very light shades of grey, such as Dune and Shale Gray. If you are looking for alternatives to Monument or a grey tone to combine it with, check our our range of greys.

Monument is among the darkest grey Eurowood colours. If you want an even darker aluminium fabrication try Night Sky. It is almost entirely black. If that’s too dark for you, take a look into Woodland Grey or Ironstone. Ironstone has tones of blue that plays down the black, making it easier on the eye. Woodland Grey has tones of olives and eucalyptus in it and can keep your palate fresh and goes well with a natural environment.

If your looking for lighter tones, a better option Dune and Shale Grey. Dune is a warm grey colour that appears like sand and stone and it is a neutral colour that blends into the bushland areas. Shale Grey is also a light colour, but it is a cooler shade. It is the colour of mist and grey sand.

The ranges of grey are Basalt, Wallaby and Windspray. Shale Gray appears like mist, whereas Windspray is that same mist just on a cloudy day. Wallaby is in the same range of mid-level grey, but it has more of an earthy tone and less blue. Basalt is also among the most commonly used eurowood colours.

.What Colour Is Ironbark?

Ironbark is just a bit less dark than Monument with a purple hue in it. Still it is a dark grey Eurowood colour that resembles the colour of distant mountains or sky during the storm.

Ironbark works perfectly for eurowood fences in coastal areas, because it fits well with the environment. However, the dark and strong colour like this one won’t stand out from the urban environment, either.

The royal shade of Deep Ocean makes a great choice for all settings both rural and urban. This hue is pretty much traditional and an all-time classic.

What Colour Is Basalt?

Basalt is the colour that features mid-range grey tones with no green hue in it. leaving it with a strong, solid colour that resembles the type of stone it was named after. This is a good colour for modern and contemporary designs but isn’t the best choice for the countryside or natural environments.

You will find Eurowoods colour of Basalt in Fencing, Matt and Contemporary palettes. We already said that it is similar to Monument, but besides those two Eurowood colours, it also similar to Wallaby and Windspray.

Wallaby is a warmer grey Eurowood colour that works perfectly well with traditional and contemporary designs. It is highly versatile and it works well with most of the building materials. It will look good next to glass and steel, but also wood and timber.

Windspray is a cooler variant of grey. It has blue undertones that make it work perfectly with cool stone colours and similar materials that will not clash with the lack of warmth in this colour.

If wanting to combine Basalt with other Eurowood colours for fencing, you have a wide range of options. Lighter greys like Shale Grey and Surfmist will work well together, if you use them for posts and/or lattice.

Is Surfmist Colour White?

Surfmist is not a white colour. Surfmist is a very pale grey eurowood colour. It is a cool colour that has no warm tones and is inspired by the white sand and sea mist. It is a great colour for and exterior Since it is neutral and so light, it is perfect for any environment especially coastal.

Shale Grey is a darker version of Surfmist. It is roughly a similar cool tone, but with a lot more grey added to it. Dune is even darker, but it also has hints of warmer tones. Evening Haze is next to Shale Grey when it comes to the intensity of colour, but with green undertones that are not the characteristic of Surfmist.