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A whole lot of information on why aluminium is the building material of the future and choosing it is means less work for you!

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To make the process of choosing an aluminium timber finish easier than ever, we have created a colour visualiser tool to see the many timber aluminium colours in action


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Aluminium is a great material to use in your project as it’s relatively inexpensive, easy to work with and looks great.

If you want a professional finish that is both strong and lightweight, aluminum is the perfect choice for you. The wood grain finishes are designed and formulated by Eurowood which enables us to match a colour perfectly with your project.  There are 18 different wood grain options available for you to choose from with three-blade widths to complement each blade depth.

We can cut it to size and supply the fixings so all you need to do is pick a colour and style and we’ll take care of the rest.

Aluminium is a great product to use in your projects because it is easy to work with, durable and will never rust. The aluminium sheets we supply have been used by joiners, builders, garage builders, screen printers, motor traders, installers and many other industries all over Australia. Our aluminium profiles are made from premium Australian aluminium which are available in a wide range of colours to suit your decor. Our range of specialty acrylic and stain finishes are applied in-house making the products we apply them to very resistant to weathering and soiling.

Custom Aluminium Fabrications Brisbane Eurowood industryAluminium Industry emerges as the ultimate building material for the future, offering myriad benefits that streamline your workload. Its unmatched versatility and lightweight yet robust qualities make it a preferred choice across industries. With exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, aluminum structures require minimal maintenance, reducing your workload significantly. Its recyclability underscores its sustainability, minimizing environmental impact. From innovative architectural designs to cutting-edge aerospace applications, aluminum promises efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance. Choosing aluminum ensures a future where your workload is lightened, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.