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Timber Look Aluminium Battens

Explore our timber look aluminium battens gallery so you can see the products in a durable timber finish.

Our team is constantly searching and looking ahead to bring new designs for future projects and innovative concepts for buildings using aluminium products. 

aluminium fence images

aluminium fence images

aluminium fence images

aluminium fence images

aluminium fence images

Batten Content Hub

Discover common questions about aluminum batten systems answered. 
If there is a question you would like answered about aluminum battens. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love answering questions and creating content that is relevant to you.

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Aluminium Batten Images

Eurowood aluminium battens have been created to provide the building and architectural industry with a sustainable and low-maintenance product that replaces wood. In the past 20 years wood as a product has been hard to source. Keeping up with the demands of our ever-growing world has wreaked havoc on our environment.

Eurowood aluminium battens are the perfect solution for a wood finish without the cost, labour and impact on the environment. Aluminium batten panels are also durable, low maintenance and rust-proof. We offer a seven-year guarantee. We design quality building products that are built to last.

The best aluminum batten manufacturers are based in Brisbane and we keep large supplies of fencing stock in our warehouse… this means quick turn around times. We also offer technical insights on products if required.