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What is the best commercial cladding?

What is architectural cladding and what are its uses?

Commercial cladding is a material that is used for the exterior of a building. It can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, aluminium, and wood.
The primary function of cladding is to protect the building from outside elements such as rain and wind. It can also be used to improve the appearance of the building by adding an aesthetic design element.
Cladding materials are a key component of the design and construction of buildings. They have a significant impact on the appearance of a building, they can also have an impact on durability and cost-effectiveness.

The Pros + Cons of Different Types of Cladding MaterialS

STeel Cladding

timber cladding

Aluminium cladding

what is the best exterior Aluminium Wall Cladding

There is a range of exterior aluminium wall cladding options available, both natural and synthetic. The most popular cladding materials are wood, steel, and aluminium. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. We recommend Aluminium Cladding. Here’s why.

Aluminium cladding is an excellent solution for commercial buildings. It offers low maintenance, energy efficiency, and durability. The aluminum panels are lightweight and easy to install, which saves on labor costs. The panels are also recyclable so the property will have a smaller carbon footprint.


Eurowood Aluminium Cladding is made and manufactured in Australia by Australians to ensure quality and supply availability!


Eurowood Aluminium Cladding is tested under extreme heat conditions to ensure it won’t add fuel to any fire and is non-combustible cladding

Timber ceiling Cladding panels


External aluminium cladding systems built to last in all environmental and climate conditions and it’s better for our environment than timber


Our exterior aluminium wall cladding is designed to be strong and durable under Australian conditions

Standout Cladding Design Ideas

Here’s a list of our commercial projects. Check out our gallery for more inspiration.

Why Claddings Matter?

Cladding is a crucial part of any building. They not only help the building maintain its structural integrity but also provide insulation to the interior of the building. The cladding also helps in regulating the temperature inside the building and protect it from external weather conditions.

WE Supply A variety of timber Aluminium Fencing Panels

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