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What Is The Easiest Fence To Install?

The easiest fence to put together is the one that requires the least amount of labour. Eurowood aluminium fences are a click together system that don’t require any welding.

What is the easiest fence to install yourself?

There are many different slat fencing and fencing panels to choose from, each with its own sets of pros and cons. For the easiest fence to install, we recommend the EziFence Slat Fencing. We can supply these in a cut to size flat pack for an easy DIY assembly. Just supply us with the measurements and assembly on site. We can also supply premade slat panels on application to our local area. 

What to consider when buying a fencing system?

Fences have been a long-standing tradition around homes. They provide privacy, help to contain your pets, and provide an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive home garden, courtyard, or patio space. While there are many different types of fences available and they come in all different styles, it can be daunting choosing what type of fence you need. Some questions to ask yourself…

  • How much privacy do I need in my fence? 
  • Do I need airflow through my fence?
  • Do I want to see a view on the other side of the fence?
  • What fence style do I like?
  • Will I hire a professional fence installer or DIY fence installation?
  • What is my budget for a fence?

For more content on how much an aluminium fence costs or factors to consider click this link here visit our blog post HOW MUCH DOES ALUMINIUM SLAT FENCING COST?

Why Choose Aluminium Fencing?

Aluminium fencing is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to install a fence. It’s also one of the most sturdy and long lasting as it won’t rot, rust, or decay as fast as other types of fencing can. Not to mention, it’s extremely light and easy to install.

With the assistance of a friend and a little help from a DIY YouTube video, anyone can install this type of fence on their own property and you don’t need to hire any expensive welders or fence installers, you can even use a local handyman if you get stuck.

The benefits of a no-weld fence

Our aluminium fencing is an alternative to welded metal fencing. Why is welding so expensive? Welding specialist metal workers require specialist tools, training and experience. These all have to be transported to site and setup to perform fence welding. All this contributes to expensive welded fence solutions. Instead of using welded metal that requires a welder, eurowood aluminum slat fencing uses metal framing that is cut to size and shipped to you. From there all you need to do is install the frame/fence rails into the ground posts (using screws or rivets with the supplied post brackets) and then the prefabricated slats are clicked into place and/or screwed together to form a sturdy and long-lasting fence solution.

Weldless fencing is not only more aesthetically appealing than traditional welded fencing, but it also features less maintenance. With the costs of labour increasing not having to hire a professional welder and simply ordering a prefabricated click-together fence is a great option for those that want a DIY fence and lower cost alternative to contracting fence installers.


Our fences are easy to put together. 


Simply slide the slats into the slotted frame.

Horizontal slat fence


Screw the frame to your posts


No welding required , which means less work and cheaper labour costs.

Choose Your Aluminium Fence Style

Aluminium fencing is now one of the most popular types of fencing installed. Aluminium fencing materials are very durable and last for many years. It also has an appearance which should blend well with most styles of homes with many different colours and timber look coatings to choose from. Some of the styles we offer are:

  • Fixed louvre
  • Slat
  • Vertical slat fencing panels
  • Horizontal slat fencing panels
  • Privacy fencing panels
  • Semi-privacy fencing styles
  • Hamptons fencing styles 


We would love to supply you or your business the easiest fencing kit and solution in Australia. They require less labour and are super quick and easy to put together. The end result is a seamless weld-free fence that will last longer and thats why we call them ezi-slat fencing!

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