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Non-Combustible Aluminium Cladding

You want to build using the best external aluminium cladding system, right? Using timber look cladding panels will give you peace of mind, knowing your building is safer by providing smart external aluminium cladding systems for people who are looking for non-combustible cladding and extra fire safety.

In recent times fires across Australia have devastated communities, those affected by the devastation are now looking at rebuilding. The scale of the disaster means there is a long road ahead. At Eurowood we are committed to change the outcome and bring a fresh start.

When selecting which building products to use, it’s important to consider non-combustible aluminium. Here is why…


The easiest answer is “it doesn’t burn”, but the most fire-resistant external cladding system is aluminium, in terms of construction or fire resistance, particularly when compared to timber or steel.

There is a lot of talk about the most fire-resistant external aluminium cladding system, and it’s aluminium. Wikipedia states that:

“Aluminum is the most resilient building material, burning only when the aluminium gets molten. It has the highest fire resistance rating,”


Aluminium timber look cladding panels is the building fabrication of the future, offering strength, lightness, and unparalleled resistance to extreme weather conditions.

At the heart of its extraordinary durability is the unique chemical compound aluminium oxide, a durable layer with microscopic gaps between them, like an insulating barrier. 

Aluminium’s unique property of heat resistance means that it can even prevent the heat from entering your home. Non-combustible cladding can also act as an effective barrier against aggressive cold and heat as it maintains temperature with ease.

The most important reasons to use fire-resistant building materials are:


Eurowood is entirely owned, operated and made in Australia. This means that our Australian Made Aluminium Products and fabrications are certified to the regulations set by the Australian building standard. Our aluminium resistant fabrications are available Australia wide. Simply give us a call. We like old-school phone calls!


When building homes family safety should be the priority. When you build with Eurowood non-combustible cladding you are giving your home the added safety. Not only that… the low maintenance aspects of aluminium mean you will have more time to spend with your family. 


Eurowood is a non-combustible aluminium timber look cladding panels. This means no fuel for fires. Fires will simply not consume this product, unlike timber or other combustible products which add fuel to the fire. Fire resistant aluminium reduces your damage risk on your home.


According to the Australian Standard AS 3959: Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas it’s necessary to reduce the risk of combustion from stray embers and to reduce the damage from direct flame as much as possible. We are certified to provide building materials that meet these expectations.


Eurowood Aluminium timber look cladding panels are designed to regulate the temperature of your buildings. This means that it provides additional insulation. It’s designed to soak up the suns rays protecting it in summer from heat and providing warm insulation in winter, saving you on electricity.


Eurowood fire resistant products are non-toxic. This means that in the event of a fire no harmful gasses or toxins are released into the atmosphere. This is better for our environment and wellbeing and therefore is sustainable. But most importantly it helps keep your family safe.


Under extreme conditions a fire can give off flames of 50 meters or more and flame temperatures can exceed 1200°C. Aluminium is not flammable making it classified as a non-combustible construction material. This means it doesn’t ‘add fuel to the fire’. This being the case it can help prevent the spreading of fires.

Aluminium will melt when subjected to temperatures above 600°C. However, this meltdown does not release harmful gases into the air and is in fact, calculated to allow heat and smoke to escape from a burning structure. This results in less structural damage.

Non-combustible cladding is alloyed with (among other elements) magnesium, silicone, and zinc to increase its strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and UV-shielding properties. It is the future of long-lasting buildings.

It is important, however, to be aware that not all aluminium products are of the same safe standard. For example, on its own Aluminium is non-combustible. But if it is combined with other flammable products to make up the end building material, it could result in a fire hazard. 


Experts in disaster management and strategic leadership remind us to plan for a more difficult feature and that the focus for recovering should be the principle of “Build Back Better”. It is important to consider the risk involved with rebuilding with materials that are flammable and therefore adding fuel to the potential future fire,  this is where Eurowood steps in with fire resistant cladding Australia, an awesome aluminium fabrication and cladding that can bring a classic look but is also a modern fire-resistant external aluminium cladding system.