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Partition Walls – Simple Guide to Install and Style

Create a stylish and functional space with the simple installation of partition walls! Learn step by step how to install and style your space quickly and easily.

Partition walls are a great way to create separate sections within a room, without having to install walls. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy solution for dividing up space in an open plan home, or need something more permanent to act as a noise barrier between rooms, partition walls offer an attractive solution with minimal effort. project.

Measure and Mark Out the Space.

Decorative Screens Batten Panels

To begin your installation for your partition wall, measure out the area where you would like your partition walls to be placed. Make sure to consider its purpose and intended function – make sure it will be wide enough and long enough. Once you have taken the necessary measurements, mark out the area on the floor with chalk or painter’s tape. This will help you set up your partition wall in the right spot without any guesswork involved.

Choose Your Partition Wall Style.

Eurowood Partition Walls offer a stylish and simple solution for dividing space. Choose from a range of colours and timber finishes, then select your preferred batten size and spacing size to create the perfect look. For a more aesthetic appearance, we recommend a larger space between battens for better airflow. If privacy is a concern, a smaller spacing is recommended. We also provide infills for the Channel for a clean and neat finish that won’t collect dust.

Assemble and Install the Partition Wall Frame.

Partition Walls

Once you’ve identified the area, the next step is to assemble and install the frame of your partition wall. You may need screws or other fasteners to fully secure it in place. If you are ordering one of our panels we supply the materials you need. Take the time to make sure everything is properly connected before proceeding with the installation. For some frames, such as metal sections, you may also have additional components that need assembly before attaching them into your design.


Eurowood aluminium timber battens are more durable than timber. Our  aluminium is resistant to moisture and saltwater, it is impervious to termites and other insects, and it handles harsh weather conditions unlike regular timber. They can be used to create feature walls and ceilings in both interior and exterior applications and last longer than timber.

Depending on the size of your project aluminium timber battens can be easily installed using their unique Push and Loc system. The timber look battens simply click on to a pre-assembled frame.

Our aluminium timber batten range includes both powder-coated timber and solid colour options. Eurowood aluminium timber battens give the appearance of natural timber without the maintenance. 

We recommend cleaning your aluminium timber battens once a year with a mild non-abrasive soap and water. It doesn’t need the same re-staining maintenance as timber saving you time and money.

Eurowood stock and sell all aluminium timber battens in Brisbane, Queensland. We are a local Aluminium supplier and manufacturer. Simply contact us to quote your project.

There are different ways to order Eurowood depending on your needs.

  1.  If you are a home owner seeking supply and install, please drop us an email at info@eurowood.com.au or complete a quote request below.
  2. If you are a builder or supplier call our team to discuss your project on 1800 888 765

All our Aluminum for our timber look battens are sourced locally in Australia. 

A batten is a strip of material, which is used in construction
When multiple timber battens are used together in a series, they create a linear effect that adds texture, dimension and rhythm to a facade or interior.

Timber battens can be cut and crafted individually, or installed as a prefabricated and modular system. They can be used indoors or out to assist with privacy, sun and light control, visibility and acoustics, while adding a hefty dash of style.

Classified as a non-combustible construction material, aluminium is not flammable, but will melt when subjected to temperatures above 600°C. However, this meltdown does not release harmful gases into the air and is in fact, calculated to allow heat and smoke to escape from a burning structure, resulting in less structural damage.

We work towards a 14 day lead time. Most items are stocked in Brisbane, and so can be quicker. Lead times can vary if you require non stocked items or powder coating and during busy periods. 

We do our best to get you our products as quickly as possible!

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Aluminium battens are not as expensive than timber due to sourcing and cost of labour, materials and manufacturing. Plus aluminium timber battens are less likely to degrade than timber, and therefore is a cost-effective solution instead of timber or to replace timber.

Eurowood™ Timber Imaged Finish carries a recognised seven (7) year Industry Guarantee accompanied by all of the necessary testing for Salt Spray, Coating Integrity and Colour Integrity that complies with all of the applicable Australian Standards – Reports can be supplied on request.

Wash with a soft brush and mild pH neutral detergent. Thoroughly rinse with fresh water immediately afterwards. It is recommended that products be tested for suitability on a non-visible section of the powder coated aluminium prior to use.

Strong and abrasive cleaners and solvents such as paint thinners, acidic, alkaline or alcohol-based cleaning products are harmful to powder coated aluminium and must not be used for cleaning purposes.

Yes, just use an aluminium drop saw and a tape measure

Colour-matched and plain black end caps are available for most batten sizes.

As we are a manufacturer only we are unable to recommend any installers however all of our products are designed to be easy to install and any local builder or tradesperson should be able to assist with this. 

The space of the aluminium click on battens is the distance between each batten or blade. This interval can be consistent for up to 25 battens, making the sequence 100% unique. We have a minimum of 5mm spacing between each batten with no maximum.

Eurowood’s powder coated Aluminium resists corrosion because of the thin layer of aluminium oxide that naturally forms on its surface when exposed to air.