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The Monumental Colour is a deep charcoal grey that is another ‘on trend’ colour. The finish offers a unique façade treatment that enables a building to stand out. 

What Colour Is Monument?

Monument colour is a part of our latest Matt colour ranges. This is the colour that has been inspired by the deep tones of the Australian landscapes.

We have a wide range of colours and shades to create whatever look you are inspired by. We have two main categories powder coated and timber look. Both ranges have the same Australian made quality. We have chosen colour names  that are inspired by particular Australian landscapes.WE


What Colour is Monument

Why Choose Monument Colour?

Choosing this colour will create a deep and vivid backdrop to your home. Greenery and bright coloured outdoor furniture will pop up against these dark coloured backgrounds.

What Makes Monument Colour Different?

Monument colour is a dark shade of grey. Other shades of grey include: Ironstone, Basalt, Wallaby, Windspray, Woodland Grey, but also very light shades of grey, such as Dune and Shale Gray. If you are looking for alternatives to Monument or a grey tone to combine it with, check our our range of greys.

Monument Colour Alternatives

Monument is among the darkest grey Eurowood colours. If you want an even darker aluminium fabrication try Night Sky. It is almost entirely black. If that’s too dark for you, take a look into Woodland Grey or Ironstone.

If your looking for lighter tones, a better option is Dune or Shale Grey. Dune is a warm grey colour that appears like sand and stone and it is a neutral colour that blends into the bushland areas. Shale Grey is also a light colour, but it is a cooler shade. It is the colour of mist and grey sand.

The ranges of grey are Basalt, Wallaby and Windspray. Shale Gray appears like mist, whereas Windspray is that same mist just on a cloudy day. Wallaby is in the same range of mid-level grey, but it has more of an earthy tone and less blue. Basalt is also among the most commonly used eurowood colours.

Monument vs Ironstone

Ironstone has a blue hue that plays down the black, making it easier on the eye.  Whereas monument is deep dark and elegant charcoal hue.

Monument vs Woodland Grey

Woodland Grey has a olive green hue that softens the grey, making it easier on the eye. Woodland Grey has eucalyptus tone that keeps the colour fresh and bold and goes well with a natural environment.

Monument Colour

Many people ask what colour is Monument? Monument colour is a popular choice for people that want a classic grey tone. All our aluminium fabrications and products come in the monument grey colour. If you would like a quote for a monument fence, cladding in monument and or monument gates, please get in touch with us or request a quote.

Our range of Monument Products

colorbond woodland grey vs monument is a unique choice each home builder must make. colorbond monument is a top-of-the-range choice for your aluminium timber look fabrications. monument colorbond fence is a great way to showcase this colour. The colorbond colour blends into the envrionment.  colorbond night sky vs monument is also a choice to make for your fabrications.

colorbond monument is a type of aluminium fabrication for aluminium slat fencing ideas. We know colorbond monument is a trendy colour at the moment and we provide aluminium slat fencing and aluminium gates in monument colour. “monument colour” is a great colour to choose for aluminium cladding, aluminium slat fences and aluminium gates. https://nbropeaccess.com.au/